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Review of Radix: Plant Powered Performance Meals

Radix has long been known for providing lightweight dehydrated meals, without a full alphabet of additives and preservatives tacked onto the end of the ingredients list. Radix delivers nutrition with real ingredients, while catering to a wide range of dietary requirements e.g. gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, soy free, no added sugar, low fodmap etc.

Now the company has taken a step further and gone fully plant based, using plant based superfoods to create high protein, high energy meals. While some carnivorous lions in the team are missing their meaty meals, the new plant powered meals continue to deliver the high protein, high energy levels which climbing in the mountains requires. Radix uses what they call their DIASS Complex 1.30 - which is described as the "most bioavailable plant protein, with up to 109% higher bioavailability than pure pea protein isolate." It does appear to be hard on some people's tummies with the high fatty nut content, while others with sensitive tummies have found it easier to digest. Perhaps it is more linked to what people's usual diets consist of.

Radix flavours continue to taste good and their packaging is water tight and robust, handling being stuffed into packs beneath trad racks and ropes. The pouches are very versatile, being able to be be reused for other water tight purposes such as instant noodles or pee pouches. It would be great to see a reusable pouch, partnered with bulk buying options of the dehy meals in the future, meaning you don't have to accumulate so much packaging each time you go into the hills. Knowing the innovative team behind the Radix meal, I'm sure it won't be long before they come up with some solution for this.

To find out more or buy their meals click on the link below

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