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Expedition Capital Fund

Updated: May 2, 2023

Expedition Capital Fund Aim

To build up a substantial sum of capital that generates enough income to fully fund one major New Zealand led climbing expedition per year.

Fund Raising Sources

Currently the bulk of the money raised for the Expedition Capital Fund is generated from the fund raising auction held during the Remarkables Ice and Mixed Festival and donations from club members. This means that the people who support the festival each year are the main contributors to the fund.

Who Administers The Expedition Capital Fund

The Expedition Capital Fund is controlled and administered by the Expedition Climbers Club Incorporated.

How Will The Annual Distribution Be Allocated Each year?

A panel from the Expedition Climbers Club will select a location for the Expedition, or a particular climbing objective. This will not be only limited to climbing large scale climbing expeditions, but may also extend to training locations such as Yosemite, Canadian Rockies etc.

The Expedition will be run essentially as an overseas climbing camp where climbers can come together, share base camp resources/accommodation etc., and enjoy the benefits of climbing and socializing with a wider group of climbers. The minimum distribution from the Expedition Capital Fund will be $5,000.00 per year. The first year for a Expedition Capital Fund grant will be 2016. The 2016 Expedition Capital Fund expedition will be to Peru. The trip will start first week of June 2016 and run till mid July 2016. With money from the fund helping to pay for basecamp and transport to base camp for all the climbers attending.

Who Is Eligible

The Expedition Climbers Club will select an Expedition objective each August and will advertise the location at that years Remarkables Ice and Mixed Festival. Anyone who attends the festival (club membership is included with your registration), or a member of the Expedition Climbers Club will be eligible to join the Expedition. Each climber joining the Expedition must have their own climbing partner. As of 2015 the Ice and Mixed Festival will only be open to members of the ECC. Therefore by defualf the clubs annual expedition will be open to all club members and festival attendees.

People wishing to attend the annual Expedition will need to have made their confirmation by the end of August the same year that the Expedition is announced. i.e In August 2015 the Expedition location will be announced, and at the end of August 2015 the registration of interest will close. Confirmed flight tickets and base camp fee deposits will have to be paid before the end of September. From the group of applicants an Expedition leader will be selected who will act to coordinate the Expedition. The Expedition will run and be completed before the next years Remarkables Ice and Mixed Festival. The 2016 Peru Expedition leaves NZ on Friday 29th May for approx 5 weeks.

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