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NZAT announces appointment of new Advisory Mentors

Updated: Jan 7

The New Zealand Alpine Team are proud to announce that Tim Macartney-Snape, Lionel Clay and Allan Uren will be joining the NZAT in an Advisory Mentor role.

Tim, Lionel and Allan are three of Australasia's most accomplished alpine climbers. They each have a wealth of experience spanning a number of decades, and the knowledge and expertise that they will bring to the NZAT is invaluable.

The role of Advisory Mentor is new to the NZAT. Working in with the wider mentoring group they will act to provide a level of support and guidance to the younger mentees focused primarily on the non-technical aspects of alpine climbing. In doing so they will offer one on one assistance to help monitor the physical and emotional wellbeing of the mentees throughout their time with the NZAT.

The new appointments have come about following the recommendations of the independent review into the Marian Peak accident. Which in April of 2016 sadly claimed the lives of NZAT members Sarwan Chand and Conor Smith. Following this tragic accident Paul Rogers and Hugh Logan were appointed to undertake a review of the incident and make recommendations on changes that could be implemented within the NZAT to reduce the likelihood of similar accidents occurring in the future.

The NZAT have received the final review report and have accepted the findings and recommendations made. This has been a very difficult and sorrowful time for all involved and we would like to extend our thanks to all those who have contributed to the review. And in particular to Paul and Hugh for leading the process.

Statement prepared by: Ben Dare – President, Expedition Climbers Club (Inc.).

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