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Jetboil Flash Review

Updated: Jan 7

In 2012, I lost my Jetboil virginity whilst walking the 30+ kilometres down the Dobson River in torrential rain, wearing plastic boots. Reaching Kennedy Hut, two hunters took pity on us and boiled up some water for a tea. The virtually instant hot water blew my mind; a stark contrast to the rigmarole associated with getting my liquid fuel stove up and cranking.

Not long after, I acquired myself a Jetboil Flash, and I've never looked back. The vast array of features on the Flash do justice to the double entendre of its name. As with all Jetboils, it has the classic features like the neoprene cosy with handle, the lid with its sneaky opening for pouring liquid from, and Jetboil's classic heat exchanging coils underneath the pot. But the Flash has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The pot insulator comes with a clear window, which by some form of sorcery, turns bright orange just before the water boils. There is also the added bonus of a Piezo ignition built into the Flash.

All in all, the Flash is a truly excellent cooking system, with ample capacity to cook for two. It's designed primarily for boiling water at speed, and it achieves this faultlessly. My only true gripe could be the redundancy of the Piezo ignition, given all these spark-ignition systems on every burner I've encountered, fail to work after the first few uses.

If you want more versatility out of the Flash, or similar Jetboil products, there's a plethora of accessories, like the pot supports, which enable you to cook with a normal pot on the Jetboil burner. If you're serious about lightening your load, and wanting the fastest, most efficient stove system on the market, look no further than the Jetboil Flash: It's almost idiot proof!

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